Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage generally used to help the flow of the lymph, or fluid in excess, from swollen areas to healthy lymph nodes. It is widely recognised as one of the key treatments for the management of lymphoedema.

It is a very light-pressure massage where we follow a set of strokes that are scientifically proven to reduce the oedema and improve lymph flow. The patient feels immediate relief regarding the compression or tightness that the swelling is causing on the affected limb. It is considered by most patients to be a very relaxing therapy as well.

Deborah is a qualified MLD Leduc Method therapist. There are only 4 International approved schools: Vodder, Foldi, Casley-Smith and Leduc. Professor Leduc only teaches qualified healthcare professionals and in Portugal only Physiotherapist are trained in Leduc Method. Being Portuguese and a Physiotherapist it was just natural that Deborah follows this method.

What Conditions Does Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treat?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be of help with a number of conditions including:

- Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema

- Lipoedema

- Cellulite (not cellulitis)

- Post-traumatic injuries

- Post-surgery oedema

- Healing of wounds and burns