What is bandaging for Lymphoedema?

Bandaging for Lymphoedema, also called Multi Layered Lymphoedema Bandaging (MLLB) is a type of bandaging whose primary purpose is helping with the flow of the lymph. A secondary benefit of this therapy is bringing parts of  the body back to their normal shape as the patient is encouraged to keep and sleep the bandaging until the next physiotherapy session.

Multi Layer Bandaging helps to prolong the benefits achieved after the Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

How is Bandaging Applied?

The way the bandage is applied it depends on the type of bandaging. Nowadays, bandages include both foam and compression bandages so there is no need to apply them separately anymore.

Types of Bandaging for Lymphoedema:

- Finger or toe bandaging

- Tubular bandaging

- Soft, synthetic foam or wool

- Dense foam layer

- Bandage layer

- Taping